Who we are

ForNigeriansByNigerians is an initiative driven by the Dominican Centre for Human Resources Development (DCHRD), a Non-Governmental Organization and LastPrice.com Business Consultants, with the aim of developing sustainable Integrated Eco-Organic Farm Management Systems aimed at Poverty Reduction, Capacity Building and Human Resources Development.

Our Integrated Eco-Organic Operations cover the Production of:

  • Live Stock, Fish Farming, Crop Production, Plantation Crop & Forestry Management, Vegetable Farming and Horticulture.
  • Value Addition in the Agric Value Chain – Processing & Packaging.
  • Production of Bio-Gas & Bio-Energy.
  • Training & Consultancy.

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What we do

We help Individuals, Cooperatives and Organizations working towards Promoting Human Capital Development, Creating Extra Sources of Income, Building Retirement Plans, Sustainable Pastimes or Hobbies or just desirous of Giving Back to Society, start or manage any farm of choice profitably.

Training & Consultancy

We provide expertise in the management & establishment of viable farms; re-model farm layouts for maximum output and offer four (4) different Training Packages/ Models ranging from one (1) week to nine (9) months.

On Site Incubator

We can assist you establish an on Onsite Farm within our 300 Hectare Facility in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Off Site Farm

We can assist you establish and manage a farm of your choice in any location in Nigeria or Ghana.

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